Laguna Hills Chiropractor, Dr Burdi, believes: "The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." --- Thomas Edison


Here is my YouTube playlist that briefly describes how some patients and professionals found success under chiropractic care. You might know some of them, or have a similar condition that could be helped with chioropractic care!


Addionally, below are the written testimonials provided by my patients who wanted to share their chiropractic stories with you.

  • Chest Pain - "When a Person Needs the Right Doctor. Many months ago I had a severe pain that I thought could be in my heart. It was painful and concerning. I called my medical doctor’s office and managed to get an unscheduled appointment. I was immediately given an EKG. Nothing unusual was seen. Even so, this doctor’s office got an appointment for me to see a group of cardiologists. The testing I had took two days. It was uncomfortable, expensive and time-consuming. Nothing irregular was discovered and I still had the pain. It slowly became less severe and eventually left. Recently when I hurriedly reached from a precarious position to answer my phone, I got an immediate severe pain, again close to my heart. As before, it was concerning as well as painful. I was not going to call my medical doctor this time, decided to just let it go and see what might happen. (I did, however, pay my property taxes early, just in case this was going to lead to something serious.) The pain remained. When I had my regularly-scheduled appointment with my chiropractor, Dr. George Burdi, I mentioned this unusual pain to him. He did some routine “pushing,” then decided the pain was due to a rib condition, caused from the strain of reaching incorrectly. He found the hurting rib, used his technique—and his “magic spring punch,” as I like to call it–—and the pain stopped almost immediately. The area was a bit sore, but the pain was gone and the soreness left in a short period of time. Too many people rely on medical doctors for things that are not their specialties. It makes no sense to take possible dangerous drugs for a condition that can be “fixed” by a doctor who knows about proper bone alignment. No drugs required!" (Note: Too bad more referrals are not done down the professional ladder. Many times I have seen expensive tests done before conservative care is tried. It would save on our healthcare costs. DrB)

  • Back Pain Of A Golfer - "I had recurring back pain for years and it definitely affected my golf game. I finally decided to see the Doc who I got to know through the men’s club at El Toro golf course. I’ve been coming in regularly for the last 3 years to get my tune-up and check from Doc and have done my exercises and stretching as he has recommended. I just got back from golfing in Maui where I was able to hit a drive 354 yards (downhill and with the wind and accurately measured by a skycaddie), but still not bad for a 60 year old. Since I’ve been seeing Doc Burdi, I haven’t had any long lasting back problems like I had experienced for years prior and am enjoying my golf game more than ever. Now, if he could just do something with my shaky putting stroke, he really would be miracle worker!" (Note: Another wellness patient who now only has minor flare-ups versus weeks of pain and disability, and still enjoys his favorite sport! DrB)

  • Back Pain Of A Policeman - “As a twelve year law enforcement officer, it's known that there are certain health risks that come with the job. Heart, hearing and back issues. I keep active and physically fit to delay those issues. One day while doing chores around the house, my back went out. I immediately fell to the floor in agony. The pain lingered for days and I thought I could tough it out. After a week, I started asking friends and family of a good chiropractor and I was referred to Dr. Burdi. A few short sessions went by and my back started feeling much better. I was able to return to work. With Dr. Burdi's treatments, advise and healthy living, my back has been major incident free for about a year. Thank you, Dr. Burdi.” (Note: He is back to working hard but now doing preventive care so new incidents do not become major ones! – DrB)

  • Back Pain Of A Software Expert - "Learning the hard way... Back aches were not uncommon for me. Heck, there were moments when they became downright debilitating. But with Dr Burdi’s therapy and exercise regiment, back pain can be a thing of the past. One particular exercise Dr. Burdi recommended was crossing one leg (and later the other) and bending down to touch the tip of your toes. It was suggested that I do this three times a day, or if I had serious back problems, do it at least an hour a day. I began doing them and I could actually feel the muscles in my lower back (as well as my legs), getting a much needed workout. I had been doing these stretches for months and my back actually felt great! I had forgotten that it use to hurt back there! After happily getting just Wellness Care for years, one day I had to drive a friend over to the airport. In helping him with his luggage, I volunteered to carry his heavy golf bag (I did not realize golfers had to be strong, LOL!). Unfortunately, the weight of the bag eventually triggered back pain that I had not experienced for a long, long time. The ache was such a great hindrance that it was hard to concentrate on work or other activities. Yes, I took some painkillers and that did help alleviate the agony, but only for a short time. So then, I decided to get checked by Dr. Burdi. After getting re-aligned he insisted that I do my stretches every hour for the next several days. Lo and behold, the pain was completely gone! It was a miracle! Well, not really, but the results were something I had not expected to take affect so quickly! I advise anyone experiencing back pains, to do the stretches recommended by Dr Burdi for your condition. Your muscles get a good workout. It’s free (no need to go around buying painkillers) and the results will speak for themselves!" (Note: Here is another patient who has doing Wellness Care which limited his flare-up to a few extra visits and a short pain experience. - DrB)

  • Dental Care & "Oil Pulling" - "I have a very sensitive mouth and my whole body is sensitive to metal so I dreaded going to the dentist for a check-up. Once they got the metal tools in my mouth my gums would start to bleed. Even vigorous flossing could cause them to bleed. I happen to really like my dentist, it's just the nature of my mouth. I always go in for an adjustment after seeing the dentist because I tense up so much in the chair. During one of these visits I was telling Dr. Burdi about it. He recommended that I stop flossing and start using a Water Pik. After three days of using the Water Pik, my gums no longer bled - YEAH! Recently, Dr. Burdi sent an email explaining "Oil Pulling". A process of swishing oil in your mouth for 15-20 minutes. It was supposed to help remove toxins and improve dental health. After swishing the oil for 15 minutes and spitting it out, it would be white. That made sense to me since my tongue turned white during a fast. I started "Oil Pulling" one month before my dental check-up. (I had not see my dentist for three years due to a lack of insurance). During the exam when they were checking the space between the tooth and gum line, my numbers improved from mostly three's and a couple of four's to mostly two's with a couple of three's. I was very shocked and pleased. I usually start the "Oil Pulling" before my shower and fixing my hair and so forth. Brushing my teeth last gives me the 15-20 minutes I need for the Oil Pulling." (Caution: Some patients have reported being allergic to coconut oil used in "Oil Pulling" causing eczema (atopic dematitis) ), so monitor yourself. Personally I recommend Seseme Oil. It also tastes better with no allergic reactions, so far. DrB)

  • Fasting - "Nearly two years ago, I starting having a wide and worrisome set of physical illnesses. Sometimes I felt like I was going to faint, I would get weak and so tired I could barely function so that I spent most of my time in bed, I started having migraine headaches which I had never had before, loss of my balance, unexplained anxiety and anger and crying, racing heart, congestion, etc... Diabetes runs in my family so I thought maybe that was the problem. After many tests, I was told that my heart was healthy, I did not have diabetes, and no problems with my thyroid. I worried that I was going crazy. I knew I was stressed due to three deaths in my family and my husband being laid off work all within fourteen months, but I knew it was more than just that. During this time I was also seeing Dr. Burdi and learned that I had several cervical misalignments, my neck did not have a curve, and that my occiput (connects the head to the spine) was out of alignment. Dr. Burdi gave me exercises to perform for my neck and had me start using a cervical pillow to try to restore the natural curve to my neck. My health made small improvements, but I continued to have the systems listed above. During a visit, Dr. Burdi suggested I go on a water only fast and told me that I probably had a lot of toxins built up in my body. He told me that I would feel a bit hungry during the first day and a bit yucky for a couple of days as the toxins left the body. I would lose the hunger and not to start eating until I told him I started feeling hungry again so he could start me on food slowly. I was pretty scared to do a water only fast since I had never done one but I was desperate to feel well again. I lasted 10 days on water only until my husband and I begged to let me eat again. I never lost my hunger, I stank, my tongue had a thick white coating, and I was so tired I couldn't get out of bed without help. Dr. Burdi was surprised how toxic my body was and stumped that I didn't lose my hunger and start to feel better after a couple of days. During that visit, he had me lie on my back on the exam table and took my blood pressure. He then had me stand up and immediately took my blood pressure again. Normally blood pressure should go up, mine went down. He said that based on all my systems that I had a condition know as Adrenal Fatigue, incidentally that is a condition brought on by stress. Dr. Burdi was able to get me back on the road to recovery through regular adjustments, as well as recommended some exercise, diet changes, and supplements. The fast was the hardest thing I think I've done, but it helped me in the end. I am glad that Dr. Burdi cares about whole body healing and is able to explain how a misalignment causes certain symptoms. If I have some ache or pain or illness, I've learned to ask him first because it saves me time, money and worry. I know Dr. Burdi will, and has, referred me to a medical doctor if needed." (Note: Lengthy fasting should always be monitored due to some surprises that surface when trying to cleanse oneself. DrB)

  • Foot Pain - "This misalignment problem was discovered through Activator testing methods. Initially a fracture had occurred but with conservative care and postponing radiographs to when a fracture is more visible, resolution occurred. "It had just stopped raining when my buddies decided to start golfing. I wanted to wait a few more minutes to see if the storm would break up. Just as they got to the tee without me the sun came out and prompted me to pay and run to catch up. For some odd reason my right foot hurt by the time I got there. Thinking it would go away once I stopped running I teed off and proceeded to walk the course. Thank goodness one buddy had a cart and give me a ride because the foot really ached after a few holes. I managed to finished with a limp and went home to ice the foot. Still limping on it the next morning I proceeded directly to Dr Burdi's office ASAP knowing that he always comes in very early. He checked it out and found several small foot bones out of place but cautioned me to not put all my weight on the foot for a of couple weeks until a possible fracture is more visible on an x-ray. I limped away coming back for several more treatments, each time noticing improvement. By the time the 2-week trial period arrived the foot could take all my weight without pain. Shortly thereafter I thought I was well and skipped my treatment resulting in foot pain returning. It turned out that the foot was not strong enough to go without reinforcing adjustments. Thank goodness it is now normal without no pain and has normal movement. Thank you Dr Burdi." (Note: Again, another wellness patient who took the conservative approach and found recovery was possible as long as he followed recommended care. DrB)

  • Foot Pain - A Wife's Lament - "Three months ago I woke up with pain in three toes. It started with the little toe and now spread into three toes. I thought to myself, “wow, I must have walked too much.” A week later I thought, “I must have strained something.” A month later I thought, “it must be Arthritis.” A month after that I thought, “I must be getting old.” A month later the pain was getting worse and I thought, “I guess I will have to go to the doctor (Podiatrist).” Three months in I finally decided to talk to my hubby (who is a Chiropractor). I told him my whole litany of complaints and that I thought that I would have to go to the doctor (Podiatrist). He calmly and quietly asked me, “do you think your toes could be out of alignment?” I told him, “no, I don’t think it’s that type of pain.” He said, “well, let’s see.” He (tested, then) adjusted the (misaligned) bones in my foot right before the toes. Instantly – when I stood up and walked around in my stocking feet, there was no more pain! The first time in three months I was able to walk with no pain. I’m sorry honey, I forgot that you can fix (help) so many problems, other than just back pain and headaches. Hopefully, I will not forget again!" (Note: To prevent suffering, even chiropractic spouses need to mention to their chiropractic doctor new complaints or dysfunctions! DrB)

  • Shoulder/Arm Pain - "Wednesday night I reached for the phone while bent over in the chair and experienced a sharp pain in my right upper arm and shoulder. Didn't think much about it until I laid down to sleep. Wow, I couldn't lay on my right side. The next morning I was unable to get out of bed off my right side, which would not support any pressure without intense pain. Once up I reached for a brush with my right arm and immediately experienced another sharp, intense pain in my shoulder. This is weird since I couldn't pinpoint the exact pain location but knew this needed help quickly. I had a golf game Saturday! So I arranged to get examined by my golfing buddy, Dr Burdi) the next morning. In checking me out misalignments in my neck, shoulder and clavicle were found. The adjustments were subtle. The annoying pain subsided with added therapy. Unfortunately I still could not reach out with my right arm. How was I going to golf Saturday? I had to keep my shoulders back and try to swing the club. Thank goodness, Dr Burdi got created and made an elastic tubing brace to do just that. With another adjustment that afternoon I felt like I wanted to try to golf! In fact I did and returned Monday morning smiling. There was no pain as long as I didn't push with my right arm. Happily the problem was resolved with further adjustments." Note: An important point here is that keeping tuned up with recommended checkups help resolve acute problems quickly rather than wait until it becomes serious. DrB)

  • Shoulder/Arm Limitations - "Chiropractors needed . . . Some years ago when I was still in my 60s, I noticed that I had a difficult time reaching up. I thought maybe this was just something that happens when one gets older. I remembered my mother had the same problem late in her life—said she had a hard time reaching high enough to brush her hair. When I mentioned this reaching problem to my medical doctor one time, he told me that when we get older, “things” just happen. (This was the same doctor who told me that my right knee was painful because of its age. I mentioned to him that my left knee was the same age, but it seemed all right.) I accepted the fact that negative things can happen to us as we age. The reaching problem got worse as I got older. But then I noticed that after many months of going to my chiropractor, Dr Burdi, for treatment for an unrelated problem, it became easier for me to reach up. I may not be able to do this as well as I did when I was younger, but at least it is now possible. He explained to me that my shoulder blades can not swing out when muscle spasms exist between it and the spine so with proper adjustments done periodically, this condition is greatly relieved. Thank you!" (Note: Never give up and tell every doctor. Someone will have an answer to the problem. DrB)

  • Wellness Care Prevents Crisis - Recently I picked up a couple of 5 gallon water bottles at home, moving them from the front porch to the garage. It was a little awkward and sure enough, the next morning my back seized up and I couldn’t sit down or stand up due to the pain. The timing for this was especially bad because my wife and I had planned to drive out to Palm Desert for the weekend to celebrate my/her birthday. Needless to say she wasn’t too happy to start the weekend with me bent over in pain and barely able to move. So I called Doc Burdi first thing in the morning and he was able to see me right away. He quickly diagnosed the problem, made some adjustments to the back and did an ultrasound treatment and by the time I left the office I was feeling some relief. All weekend I was expecting some kind of relapse but to my surprise, I had no problems then and none since. Needless to say, my wife was very happy that I was back to normal and we wound up having a great weekend. Doc has always told me to come in right away when something feels out of whack but I admit I tend usually to wait and see if it improves on its own. This last incident makes me realize that Doc is right about getting quick treatment whenever the back is acting up. I have been a long time patient of Doc Burdi (about 10 years now). In my 50’s I was having recurring back problems and then I started going to Doc. I just turned 67 and I have to say my back is in better shape now than it was 10 to 15 years ago and I owe it all to Doc Burdi. (NOTE: Another Wellness Care patient kept family harmony by getting regular checkups and seeking immediate care for the acute flare-up, which was minor since spine was kept aligned prior to the incident. DrB)

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