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Health Newsletter - Special 2012

Prepared By Burdi Chiropractic & Massage; Dr G Burdi, DC
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Welcome to our health newsletter. It is meant to entertain, inform, and even inspire you to better health. Help others by sharing your thoughts and experience. They will thank you profusely. The following info was orginally published December 2009.


  • Spinal Degeneration and Organ Disease Linked
  • Genetically Modified (GM) Foods - Avoid!
  • "Stroke" Recognition

Spinal nerves to organs

Spinal Degeneration and Organ Disease Linked - Ever wonder why getting spinal checkups are really important? Here is a medical study that convinced me, as it should you.

Henry Winsor, MD, dissected, correlated, and published his study on human and animal cadavers. He wrote: "The object of these necropsies (dissections) was to determine whether any connection existed between minor curvatures of the spine... and diseased organs... or whether the two were entirely independent of each other. If chiropractors were right in their theory than a misaligned vertebrae that impinged a nerve going to the kidney for example could weaken the kidney and cause kidney diseases. If the theory was wrong then a misalignment in the "kidney place" of the spine would not find any corresponding problem with the kidney organs."

Of the 221 structures of the body found to be diseased, 212 were observed to belong to the same sympathetic (nerve) segments as the spinal vertebrae in the curvature. There was nearly a 100% correlation (WOW!) between "minor curvatures" of the spine and diseases of the internal organs. Specific spinal nerves were traced from the stomach, lungs, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, kidney, prostate/bladder, uterus, heart, and thymus organs. Frankly, not taking care of the spine increases the risk of organ disease. Even though everyone will degenerate with age, speeding it up due to inflammation from joint misalignments (subluxations) or trauma (accidental falls, impact sports, auto accidents, etc) is detrimental. Spinal checkups train to attain aligned while regular exercise helps immensely to keep it. Of course any traumas should be treated right away and alignments re-checked so nerve interference is reduced to help prevent the degeneration rate from increasing! Paying attention to our body is vital. Remember, the human spine can not be replaced like human teeth or car tires!

Suggest going to the Spinal Nerve Chart to see the nerve interference effects on organs and muscles. Prevention pays off with improved function and minimization of flare-up effects.
To get back on track to better health, call your chiropractic doctor now for a checkup appointment.

Food Horn

Genetically Modified Foods - Avoid! Dr Mercola's website points out many studies linking genetically modified organisms (GMOs) with toxins, allergies, infertility, infant mortality, immune dysfunction, stunted growth, accelerated aging, and deaths. Whistleblowers have been  fired, threatened, and gagged with warnings by FDA scientists ignored. Excluding the USA most of the world have joined forces to refuse GM foods and crops because of the dangers to health and future food supply. In fact Europe eliminated GMOs from their food supply 10 years ago. However in the United States people are unaware of eating inadequately labeled GM foods every day. An estimated 75 percent of foods in U.S. grocery stores contain GM ingredients. About 7 out of every 10 items in the average grocery cart have been genetically modified with no labeling required. Supposedly the development of GMOs were to increase crop yields, reduce costs for farmers, and less herbicide used. This hasn't happened. Reality is such that: >
1. GM soy decreased yields by up to 20 percent, and up to 100 percent failures of GM cotton have been recorded in India;
2. Farmers have increased cost because GM seeds are sterile. Each year they need to be purchased rather than use seeds from their harvest, resulting in more profit to seed companies;
3. Roundup herbicide (Monsanto's product) is toxic to human placental and embryonic cells and used on over 80% of all GM crops; 
4. GM crops have built-in pesticides so eating them means ingesting toxins;
5. GM corn waste impairs aquatic insect growth, which is vital in our food chain;
6. GM food and feed has been linked to deaths and sicknesses from the fields of India and world lab tests.

GM products, and offsprings like maltodextrin, soy lecithin, and high fructose corn syrup, are some varieties of zucchini, crookneck squash, papayas from Hawaii, mike containing rbGH, rennet in hard cheeses, and Aspartame (NutraSweet). Examine the PLU code on fruits and veggies. Normal fruits have 4 numbers, organically grown have 5 numbers prefaced by the number "9", and GM fruit have 5 numbers prefaced by the number "8". Stay away from processed foods since the contain corn and soy products probably modified. Remember consumers have power through their actions so refuse to purchase GM products, ask supermarkets to stock unmodified foods, and buy fresh, locally and organically grown foods. Sure they may cost more but loss of health costs even more. Lastly, let your elected officials know your feeling on GM foods, demand the implementation of extensive long-term unbiased studies be performed before allowing GM foods into the system, and at least clearly label these GM foods so consumers can make their own choice in eating them. For more info on GMO dangers, go to  http://www.responsibletechnology.org/GMFree/Home/index.cfm. Let's have a healthier life.

NEWS FLASH January'11 - Monsanto continues to make the news with OrganicView.com reporting that top executives from Whole Foods Market, Organic Valley, and Stonyfield Farm betrayed us health consciencious people by stating that they are no longer opposed to mass commercialization of Genetically Modified (GM) crops!

NEWS FLASH April'11 - Los Angeles Times reports that farmers are experiencing dead soybean fields from RoundUp usage for a prior GM crop of alfalfa. Note that millions of pounds of RoundUp are used every year on US gardens, lawns and farms. RoundUp has been linked to numerous environmental and human health problems, including: Increased risks of the cancer non-Hodgkin's lymphoma; Miscarriages; Attention deficit disorder; Reduced production of sex hormones; Genetic damage and damage to the immune system in fish, and genetic damage and abnormal development in frogs.

NEWS FLASH May'11 - India Today reports a study finding in human blood the Bt toxin that many GM crops contain making them toxic to pests. This protein toxin was suppose to breakdown in the human gut, but this is now shown to be untrue. Also this insecticidal protein was found in pregnant as well as non-pregnant women, and fetal blood, implying that it passes to the next generation!

NEWS FLASH October'11 - Monsanto's Roundup product again and again makes the news regarding this broad-spectrum herbicide. This time it relates to birth defects being linked and reported on the website, EarthOpenSource.org. The culprit is the active ingredient chemical, glyphosate, which causes birth defects (even linked to infertility) in laboratory animals (and most likely in humans). Mercola.com points out that malformations primary affected are the skull, face, midline and developing brain, and spinal cord. Other independent scientific research has also found this chemical causes Cancer, Developmental toxicity, DNA damage, Endocrine disruption, Neurotoxicity, and Reproductive toxicity. There are reports that high rates of birth defects in areas of Argentina where they grow and eat genetically modified (GM) soy using Roundup. In United States over 90% of all canola, 90% of US soybeans, and 70% of corn and cotton crops are genetically modified. WOW!

Suggest staying away from non-organic foods containing canola oil, corn (and high fructose corn syrup), cottonseed (used in vegetable cooking oils), crookneck squash, Hawaiian papaya, soy (and soy lecithin), sugar (from sugar beets), and zucchini (some varieties - check the label). Also other ingredients that are GM include milk containing rbGH, Rennet (containing GM enzymes and used to make hard cheeses), and Aspartame (NutraSweet).

Again I ask everyone to sign this Organic Consumers petition asking Home Depot to dump RoundUp from its inventory. To prevent illness, looks like we should avoid processed foods which contain GM ingredients unless it is USDA Certified 100% Organic.

NEWS FLASH July'12 - FINALLY, Monsanto gets nailed. A judge in Brazil ruled that the royalty tax on GM seeds (Farmers pay each year rather than be able to save seeds each year as natural farmers do.) are illegal since it is impossible to keep GM seeds from contaminating non-GM fields, and ordered Monsanto to stop collecting this tax. Decision was appealed but Supreme Court dismissed it. This follows a French court finding Monsanto guilty of chemical poisoning when a French farmer suffered neurological problems after exposure to their Lasso weed killer. Earlier a French court found Monsanto of falsely advertising the claim that its Roundup herbicide as "biodegradable" and "environmentally friendly", and claiming it "left the soil clean". Yet Monsanto continues their campaign to force acceptance of their GM seeds. Now by attaching riders to US House of Representatives' 2013 Agriculture Appropriations bill allowing geneticaly engineered (GM) crops to be planted even when courts rule that US Department of Agriculture has approved them illegally! This would result in the potential elimination of a farmer's/consumer's chioce to grow/consume non-genetically engineered crops. We should retain the right to make our own choice so WRITE YOUR MEMBER OF CONGRESS asking his/her support to stop destroying our rights!

Brain circling

"Stroke" Recognition - All of us do not want to have anyone experience a stroke (a blood clot affecting brain function). However it is best to be able to recognize the symptoms so maybe one's life can be saved. Neurologists feel that if a stroke victim can be treated within 3 hours of having one, the effects can be totally reversed. Of course the next job is to find out why it happened and prevent any further catastrophes. All of us need know these basic tests to possibly save someone.

Thanks to one of our patients, LM, listed below are 4 basic tests. And to make it easy to remember, think of the word S T R O K E, for when you think something like a stroke just happened. Be insistant when asking the possible victim to do these self-diagnosing tests ASAP, since it is important to catch strokes early as indicated above:

"S" - Ask the person to SMILE. Usually a stroked victim can't or only part of the face can form such;

"T" - Ask the person to TALK by saying a simple sentence, like "it is sunny outside today". Victims have difficulty and slur their words;

"R" - Ask the person to RAISE both arms. Bilateral movements are difficult by victims;

"O" - Ask the person to stick out their tongue and watch as it comes out the OPENING of their mouth. If tongue comes out crooked or moves to one side it is an additional indication of a stroke.

Let's hope that none of us experience having or witnessing a stroke, but at least now we are prepared to help by insisting the victim get medical help even when they think nothing happened.

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