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Health Newsletter - Spring '11

Prepared By Burdi Chiropractic & Massage; Dr G Burdi, MS, DC
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Welcome to our health newsletter. It is meant to inform and even inspire you to better health. Help others by sharing this newsletter, thoughts, and experience. You will glow knowing that you helped someone today.


Eye ball

Soft Contact Solutions - BEWARE of "RED EYE" OR BURNS - It started when this author decided to wear soft contacts again after a 10 year hiatus. Over recent years very comfortable soft dispensable contacts have been developed along with super cleaning solutions where no rubbing was required to remove the protein buildup.

All went well after getting fitted with Acuvue Oasys - Hydraclear Plus for overnight usage. Along with the contacts came Alcon's latest Opti-Free cleaning solution, called "Replenish". It was recommended by the eye doctor to made it easy for overnight contact cleaning. Unfortunately after 6 months, "RED EYE" appeared in both eyes. Top ten causes of such are: allergic conjunctivitis, uveitis, dry eyes, blepharitis, acute angle-closure glaucoma, subconjunctival hemorrhage, injury, corneal ulcer or infection, excessive contact lens wear, and frequent use of "redness" eye relief drops. Needless to say the eye doctor was immediately consulted, finding that it was due to an allergic reaction to some chemical in "Replenish". Researching the internet revealed MANY people had such a reaction. Incidentally prior use of the old cleaning solution, Alcon's Opti-Free "Express" for five years never cause such a reaction!

More research for allergic-free solutions was done, resulting in discovering Clear Care, which uses Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)as the cleaning solution. Word of caution - NEVER let this solution come into contact with the eye. IT WILL BURN TERRIBLY. This happened to this author and caused partial blindness for several days. The culprit was the use of an prior lens case which is not usable with Clear Care. In reading the directions again one HAS TO USE their supplied lens case when cleaning contacts overnight for at least 8 hours. There is a special metal in the lens case that neutralizes the H2OS after 8 hours of cleaning so the resulting solution is neutral water residing on the contacts.

Meanwhile after not wearing the contacts for couple weeks along with using Bausch & Lomb Eye Relief to remove the "redness", the redness cleared and contact lens usage was again resumed. Unfortunately, the "Red Eye" returned, but not as severe. It turned out that using Alergan's "Refresh Tears" also caused an allergic reaction. So now I can only use Bausch & Lomb "Renu Rewetting" Drops. After 4 months of contact lens usage along with Clear Care, and Renu drops, no "Red Eye" has returned. Thank goodness since I really enjoy seeing better by using contacts. 

The motto of the story is to BEWARE of what you put into your eyes. One mistake can result in an allergic reaction to several different brands of eye care solutions, or even burned eyes!

Mad doctor teaching

Nasal Flush Procedures - Some of you have been getting sinus infections by doing nasal flushes incorrectly, either using a Neti Pot or a medium sized bulb filled with slightly salty warm water (saline solution). The wrong way creates positive nasal pressure, especially by squeezing the water-filled bulb into the nose. Pressurized water forces mucus into the frontal sinus or even into the Eustachian tube leading to infections of frontal or the middle ear, respectively. 

If you are using a Neti Pot (not as effective as a bulb) just to rinse out the nasal area, be careful to not allow water near your sinus openings behind your nose. Some say that tipping your head sideways at 60 degrees away from the Neti pot inserted nostril prevents this from happening. Frankly I do not believe the Neti Pot does what you really want to do, that is to flush out all the mucus from your nasal passage to your throat. 

I consider the best way to flush the nasal passage of mucus is to use NEGATIVE pressure by inhaling the saline water. This is done by bending over a sink with your mouth open, blocking one nostril with your finger, and inhaling through the other nostril either with the nose immersed in a small cup of saline solution or WHILE softly squeezing a saline solution filled bulb into the  nostril. Make sure that no positive pressure is felt. The negative internal pressure created by inhaling will have the water flowing make the saline solution flow through the nasal passage and dropping out the open mouth, not your lungs, while bent over the sink. You will be surprised by the amount of mucus that comes out, especially if you have nasal  congestion.

Keeping your nasal passage clear of mucus, as well as staying away from dairy products ("Royal Pains" TV program just aired a program telling their loud-snoring patient to do the same thing - "stay away from dairy products like milk and ice cream". This will minimize coughing (and snoring) due to reduced mucus in the throat.

Enjoy and breath better.


Know Your Shampoos - Toxic chemicals can be found in many hair shampoos. The problem is they are easily absorbed though the scalp into our blood stream by way of the scalp's 20 blood vessels, 650 sweat glands, and 1,000 nerve endings. Eating such would result in a lesser intake plus saliva and stomach enzymes break down and flush out toxins through the liver and kidneys. This touched my curiosity which drove me to do some research. I was amazed at the many chemicals listed as shampoo ingredients. There are no regulations for beauty products so beware. Read the labels, just like you do with food, and be surprised to find:

For more info suggest going to the EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database or a site called Good Guide for finding and evaluating healthful, green products.

Toilet drinking

Diet Soda Addiction, Weight Gain, etc. - After being bombarded with advertisements claiming that diet soda is okay to drink because of the lack of sugar in it, studies are now showing that the artificial sweeteners are really, really bad for us.  Neuroimage. 2008 Feb 15;39(4):1559-69.reports a University of Colorado + Children's Hospital-Psychiatry study where researchers found that sucrose activates taste afferents differently than non-caloric sweeteners. Only sucrose, but not sucralose (a Splenda ingredient), stimulation engages dopaminergic midbrain areas leading to a behavioral pleasantness response. Without this response one keeps consuming (soda or food) to get the needed satisfaction. And if the soda has caffeine then addiction or  compulsive behavior is also possible, especially if nicotine addiction was previously/currently present.  CNN.com reports that drinking soda leads to Osteoporosis because the phosphoric acid in regular or diet soda leaches calcium from the bones. Also reported was that habitual diet-soda consumption has been linked to type 2 Diabetes, and Stroke. What's more, a growing body of research suggests that excessive diet soda intake may actually encourage weight gain because you never get satisfied with artificial sweeteners. There is some current unconfirmed speculation that diet sodas have subtle effects on insulin and blood-sugar levels that trigger hunger and food cravings and influence how (and what) you eat.

More on artificial sweetener - Splenda chemically resembles DDT, both are organochlorines, and linked to bad health conditions like Neurological damage, Cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, Birth Defects, Respiratory Illness, and Abnormal Immune System Function. Another sweetener, Aspartame, is linked to Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's Disease, Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Panic Disorder, Lupus, Birth Defects, Lyme Disease, Parkinson's Disease, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Attention Deficit Disorder, Depression, Diabetes, Lymphoma, and Hypothyroidism. Wow!

From NutraSweet comes a new artificial sweetener, Neotame, that combines Aspartame with 3,3-dimethylbutyraldehyd, which was added to block enzymes that break the peptide bond between aspartic acid and phenylalanine, thereby reducing the availability of phenylalanine. 3,3-dimethylbutyraldehyd is categorized as both highly flammable and an irritant, and carries risk statements for handling including irritating to skin, eyes and respiratory system. The NutraSweet company assures that it’s perfectly safe. Should we believe them?

UPDATE: Speaking of Aspartane, a recent study by the European Ramazzini Foundation, an independent cancer research facility, and published in the American Journal Of Industrial Medicine December 2010 concludes that aspartame increases incidence of malignant liver and lung cancer.

Unfortunately sweets of any kind are powerfully addictive, even more than cocaine. Even too much natural sugar is bad, bad, due to it elevating body insulin levels, which is the foundation to many chronic diseases like Heart Disease, Cancer, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Gout, and Liver Disease. As little as one soda per day increases the risk of diabetes by 85 percent!!! Some recommend Stevia as a preferable natural substitute. However, there are no studies that show the long term effect of Stevia so personally I think minimizing sweet intake and drinking 2 liters/quarts of water per day, as recommended in our Winter '05 newsletter, is a much better approach to good health and a longer life.

For more info on this topic, refer to "Drinking Soda Can Damage You" article in our Summer '09 newsletter. Happy and healthy drinking!

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