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Health News-Spring ‘07
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Chiropractic In The News - Jan/Feb '07 issue of Body & Soul Magazine article "Head-To-Toe Alternative Remedies Guide by Jacqueline Hart, MD, looked at the research supporting some of the most reliable alternative treatments for popular health conditions and recommended chiropractic care for low back pain and tension headache complaints. Go to to read the article. 

Jan '07 issue of Redbook Magazine touts chiropractic as "the best treatment" for back pain and encouraged readers to use American Chiropractic Association's "Find-a-Doctor" database to locate a doctor of chiropractic. Go to to read the article.

Jan/Feb '07 issue of Health Magazine suggested readers seeking a reputable doctor of chiropractic should visit ACA's web site for a doctor directory. See above for the link.

Dec '06 issue of New York Times newspaper included a pro-chiropractic article "Ouch! My Bag Is Killing Me", which features tips on how women can avoid injury while trying to follow today's fashion trend of supersized purses. Go to to read more.

Athletes Utilize Chiropractic:

Ice Skater Ninotchka Aschow (Santa Rosa FSC), competing at the 2007 U.S. Adult Championships in Bensenville, Ill., was as much of a thrill as winning the championship gold ladies medal. At her side as she trained was Dr. C. Dumbadse DC who treated her for the past six years.  Ms. Aschow captured the 12-woman field on Saturday afternoon thanks to her well-rounded repertoire of jumps, spins and footwork.  “I feel great, it was fantastic, I loved every single minute,” said Aschow, who is coached by Friday night's championship gold pairs winner Choeleen Loundagin. “I just kept thinking how awesome I felt, how much fun it is and it's where I feel the most joy.” Aschow has been skating for 27 years, and this is her fourth U.S. Adult Championships. In 2006, she placed third and in 2005 finished first.

Olympics Water Polo Champion, Dr Terry Schroeder DC, previously modeled for the current LA Coliseum bronze male statue honoring all athletes in the Los Angeles Games. He now coaches water polo at alma mater Pepperdine University and was named Assistant Coach for the 2008 Olympics team in Beijing. Every athlete looks for that edge since there is very little margin between first or third place. Knowingly Dr. Schroeder utilized chiropractic care to keep his body finely tuned, giving him a huge advantage and competitive edge in past competitions. Now he provides such care and was quoted as saying: "Our health care system struggles between providing health care and sick care. To keep the system from becoming bankrupt, we need to look toward wellness and that's what chiropractic care is about - keeping people well and healthy."

Golf 2007 Masters Winner Zach Johnson connected with chiropractic through his father, Dr. David Johnson DC, who spoke at a Palmer Alumni dinner about how chiropractic is utilized by PGA golfers to get that performance edge. In fact during Ryder Cup in Europe even Tiger Woods took advantage of the offered care in a chiropractic trailer that accompanies each PGA event.

"Dancing With The Stars" samba star and NFL's football hero Emmitt Smith got "minor repairs" from Dr. Robert Parker DC before hitting the dance floor on October 10, 2006 to waltzed away with "the best samba of the night" rating. He later went on to win the 11/06 contest. Other television media outlets picked up this angle and expanded with another producer asking a chiropractor to stand by for other contestants needing care.

Eyes Movement Improves Memory - Research study at the Manchester Metropolitan University in England and reported in LiveScience 4/25/07 found that after hearing a list of words, those who moved their eyes side-to-side for 30 seconds correctly remembered more than 10 percent more words, and falsely recognized about 15 percent fewer "lure" words, compared to those who moved their eyes up and down or did nothing. The researchers suspect it's because the horizontal eye movements cause the two hemispheres of the brain to interact more, and communication between the left and right brain hemispheres is known to help us remember certain things. The researchers aren't sure whether the eye movements will help people in their daily lives ... but it's certainly worth a try the next time you've misplaced your keys or forgotten your grocery list at home! Magnesium, a trace mineral found in dark green, leafy vegetables, also may help).

Dr BurdiDOCTOR’S CORNER: Why do athletes get joint aligment checkups even though they seem to be so physically fit? It really boils down to taking care of what they have, even when it is one of the finest conditioned body in the group. Many times I look around to see how everyone else is caring for their body, then wonder how I want to feel and look like in 10 or 20 years. Many of us are so busy with our lives that there seems to be no time left to do good things for the body. Suddenly it is years later and we wake up to find that our body has broken down and needs extensive care to either function or just survive. Then maybe the grand kids want to do something physical and our bodies can not come close to keeping up. Thus we do a dis-service to others by not taking care of ourselves resulting in not being able to participate with them. The old saying, "USE IT OR LOSE IT" is all so very true. So join me and let's keep fit - physically (exercise), mentally (good thoughts/spiritually), and chemically (diet)!

REMINDER - WORK/PERSONAL HEALTH CLASSES - Dr Burdi is available for health or ergonomic presentations to clubs and companies. Ask your boss to request these informative slide presentations!

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