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WCAB Rules Employer Liable For Treatment! - In a victory for injured workers the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) handed down an en banc decision on October 10, 2006, holding that an employer or insurer’s failure to provide the required notice to an employee of his or her rights under an MPN (Medical Panel Network) that results in a neglect or refusal to provide reasonable medical treatment renders the employer or insurer liable for reasonable medical treatment self-procured by the employee. En banc decisions are binding decisions are binding precedent on all WCAB panels and workers’ compensation administrative law judges. The case decision, Bruce Knight v. United Parcel Service; and Liberty Mutual Insurance Company (WCAB No. AHM 127807 AHM 129147), can be down loaded from the members only section of the CCA web site, www.calchiro.org.

Antibacterial Soaps A Waste? - Reported in the Chicago Tribune Newspaper, antibacterial chemicals (triclosan) that are in many household products (soap, toothpaste, deodorant, dog shampoo, cutting boards, clothing, toys, etc.) are ineffective. They are no better than soap and water as found by a FDA panel. Even worse Triclosan mimics thyroid hormone and is turning up in fish, breast milk and wastewater. Experiments show it can disrupt thyroid function in frogs. Research is being done on humans and not yet available. If you are trying to ward off colds or flu, which are caused by VIRUSES, guess again. Antibacterial soaps are for bacteria. So our only defense against viruses is our immune system. Maybe we need to take better care of ourselves and keep our immune system functioning as best it can! (Doctor suggests keeping the nervous system functioning without interference, exercising daily, and minimizing sugar intake for better life, especially with those active grandchildren.)

Is A Few Extra Pounds Hazardous? - At age 50 extra body weight increases chances of premature death, according to researchers with the National Cancer Institute and reported in the New England Journal of Medicine August 24, 2006; 355(8). Over a 10 year period over 527,000 people, ages 50 to 71, were studied and found that even somewhat overweight at 50 had a 20-40% higher risk of death. Those obese had a 100-200% higher risk. A separate study of Korean patients came to the same conclusion. (Looks like those few extra pounds do affect us - OUCH!)

Gastric Bypass Side Effects? - Due to body's inability to absorb vitamin A can lead to eye problems (dry eye, softening of the cornea, damage to the retina, and night blindness). This was discovered when records of 4 patients with ocular problems were reviewed as reported in British Journal of Ophthalmology August 2006. Lab tests confirmed vitamin A deficiency in all four cases. Dr Mercola commented that other possible complications include bone loss, liver failure and immune system damage. Many do not get enough vitamin A normally. Hence with the gastric surgery this accentuated the problem. Focusing on the good sources of this vitamin like cod liver oil, raw egg yolks, and raw dairy products could help minimize the effects of low absorption..

Cancer Drug Costing $4200/dose - Wow! - New York Times October 1, 2006 reported that Abraxane (a newer last-ditch drug used when other treatments fail) is 25 times more costly than the older version previously used Taxol. Is it worth it? I think not since Abraxane may shrink tumors more effectively than its generic counterpart, but it doesn't improve a patient's odds of survival. Changing our lifestyles is essential. Even the American Cancer Society suggests this can result in a 62% reduction in risk simply by eating healthier foods, exercising daily (lowers your insulin levels which greatly reduces cancer risks by having a better immune system), not smoking, and scheduling periodic cancer screenings to catch problems early. Better yet would be to limit the intake of processed foods and sugars, get animal-based omega-3 fats (krill oil over cod liver oil if sun exposure is adequate), normalize vitamin D levels with safe amounts of sun exposure, eat according to your metabolic type (may be a powerful anti-cancer strategy), daily erase the neurological short-circuiting (STRESS) that can activate cancer genes, eat more fresh and preferably organic vegetables, maintain an ideal body weight, let high-quality sleep, reduce exposure to toxins like pesticides, household chemical cleaners, synthetic air fresheners, and air pollution, and of course minimize frying or charbroiling foods. Tall order, right? But this is our life, which comes to a close all too fast if one does not pay attention to early signs of the body failing.

Sugary Soft Drinks Problems - A Norwegian study reported in American Journal of Public Health October 2006; 96(10) showed that teens (15 and 16 year olds) drinking 1-6 sugary soft drinks per week have more mental health problems, including hyperactivity and distress. Most teens drink 1-6 soft drinks each week. Those who skipped breakfast and lunch tend to consume even more soft drinks. Worse cases are seen in 10% of boys and 2% of girls who drank four or more soft drinks a day!

DOCTOR’S CORNER: Ever wonder why we get pain? Over the many years as a chiropractic doctor I have noticed that many of us tend to ignore our body as long as it does not complain too loudly. Being too busy with life to be bothered with such things happens easily these days. Additionally many advertisements teach us that this approach is okay, i.e., take an aspirin for those annoying headaches, etc. Then it happens. The body barks louder ending up in acute distress. Then we wonder why our body is failing so often, when before we were able to ignore the pain. Frankly this is like our teeth and in fact our cars too. Not doing regular maintenance on either results in needing root canals or new car parts (difficult/expensive to replace our body parts). So let's get with it and get regular checkups?

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