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Health News – Summer ‘00

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BabyBreastfeeding vs. Leukemia: The Journal of the National Cancer Institute reports that breast feeding offers some protection against childhood leukemia. This study involved 2,200 children and contradicts some previous smaller studies that reported no correlation. This work found a 30% reduction for babies breastfed for at least six months. The effect is thought to be due to immunological factors transmitted in the mother’s milk.

Beating heart Take this test. See if you pass. Do you smoke? Are you overweight? Do you get 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise each day? Do you drink only one alcoholic beverage every three days? Do you eat lots of fruits and veggies? If you said no, no, yes, yes, yes, congratulations-you are in the top 1% of Humans. These little requirements will help reduce your chances of suffering from heart disease by 82%. This conclusion is drawn from data obtained from 84,000 women participating in the Harvard Nurses Study from 1980 to 1994 and also translates to similar benefits to men.  

Painful ouchLittle Twinges: Often times we hear patients say, “oh yeah, I did feel out-of-sorts or a little twinge couple of days ago.” That was past the time for the check-up! Waiting still longer can lead to bigger and disabling flare-ups. End result is being unhappy about not enjoying a fun trip or a golf outing. So don’t let something be or stay out-of-place. A quick maintenance checkup and adjustment now can help prevent those bigger flare-ups. Call today!Horn of food

Autism Cure? In the February 2000 issue of Parenting Magazine we read a fascinating article about a family who’s son, Miles, developed Autism at about fifteen months of age. The mother came across a book that mentioned an autistic child whose mother believed that his symptoms had been caused by a “cerebral allergy” to milk. The mother thought about it awhile and realized that her son drank approximately ˝ gallon of milk per day. She also remembered that her mother had read that many kids with chronic ear infections are allergic to milk and wheat. Miles also had chronic ear infections. The mom thought about it for a while. Milk, cheese, pasta and Cheerios are the only foods he’ll eat, she thought. If she took away those foods he’d starve. Miles’ ear infections started when he was 11 months old. Just after they switched him from Soymilk to cow’s milk. Within three weeks of eliminating all dairy products Miles was much improved. The parents didn’t believe the cure could be this easy though. They gave Miles two glasses of milk one day just to see the reaction. By the end of the day Miles was walking on his toes, dragging his forehead across the floor, making strange sounds and exhibiting the other bizarre behaviors associated with Autism. The parents learned that a subtype of children with autism break down milk protein (casein) into peptides that affect the brain in the same way that hallucinogenic drugs do. A handful of scientists, some of whom were parents of kids with autism, had discovered compounds containing opiates, a class of substances including opium and heroin in the urine of autistic children. The researchers theorized that either, these children were missing an enzyme that normally breaks down the peptides into a digestible form, or the peptides were somehow leaking into the bloodstream before they could be digested. Miles developed normally for his first year when he drank only soymilk. Later he craved milk: Opiates are highly addictive. Next, when they took Miles off of Gluten products (wheat) within 48 hours Miles had his first solid stool, and his balance and coordination noticeably improved. At age 2 ˝ Miles said his first words. Today at age six Miles is among the most popular in his first grade class. He is reading at a fourth grade level. Amazing what a little elimination does, plus you can do it yourself and watch the results!

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Discover the Fountain of Youth: Read this fascinating book! It’s called the ANCIENT SECRET OF THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH by, Peter Kelder. Five exercises/rites are given to do every day for remaining strong and youthful. Rite #1 is to stand erect with arms outstretched horizontal to the floor. Now, spin clockwise until you become slightly dizzy or reach about 12 spins. Other rites are available in the book. Suggest buying it. They increase your flexibility and presence.

WORK/PERSONAL HEALTH CLASS REMINDER - Dr Burdi is available for health or ergonomic presentations to clubs and companies. Ask your boss to request these informative slide presentations!

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DOCTOR’S CORNER: Childbirth stories – Have you noticed how many pregnant women get their stomach touched by other mothers, who proceed in telling the expectant mother their horror stories about hours and hours of labor. Why induce more anxiety to the expectant mother? There should be praises and encouragement given, especially when it is a first-time mother. I suggest these new mothers-to-be retaliate with your own story from your chiropractor about childbirth being natural and easy when the pelvis is adjusted weekly and kept aligned. Then proceed to tell them about “a recent slender patient of Dr. Burdi’s" who experienced an extremely easy first-time birth and was elated to have followed her chiropractor’s advise in keeping the pelvis aligned, rather than listen to horror-story- telling-people”. Their mouth will drop open, leaving them speechless while you waddle away smiling and knowing that good things are in store for you! Let’s hear it for expectant mothers.

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