Laguna Hills Chiropractor, Dr Burdi, believes: "The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." --- Thomas Edison


  • ALLERGIES - 40 year old mother slept every night for 6 months with mucus congestion, sneezing, and using Sudafed (a medication used to give temporary relief from congestion) so her nose would not drip. Finally we convinced her that she had to stop eating foods to which we found her allergic by testing her subconscious. Within 2 weeks she was able to breathe through her nose and sleep all night without sneezing or Sudafed. A side benefit of solving her allergies was that the patient had more energy and stopped snoring!

  • APPENDICITIS - Fifty year old female patient comes in with mid back pain. Examination showed subluxations and muscle spasm. After weeks of adjustments and massage, patient complains of abdominal pain. Examination now showed a "hot" appendix. Patient was referred out for medical care immediately and had surgery the next day for a very "hot" infected appendicitis, saving her life. Upon returning for chiropractic care, reflexes for a malfunctioning digestion were present. Digestive supplements were provided, but the condition persisted. Patient was referred out for colonics and now feels better than she has in years with somewhat normal bowel movements. Malfunctioning digestion reflexes have also subsided. Unfortunately, the patient stopped the cleansing colonics and has become very constipated, resulting in a blockage. Surgery may be necessary at this point.

  • ARTIFICIAL HIP - Being a retired LA Dodgers' pitcher/coach with an artificial hip joint and wanting to maintain his "scratch" golf handicap, this male patient sought chiropractic care, knowing that sport performance is improved with precise alignment and balance of joints. With periodic chiropractic checkups and specific exercises he is maintaining his golf skills. Being human, he also found out the hard way (by not religiously doing his exercises) that joint alignment and exercises work together and are continuously needed to enjoy his healthier life.

  • ASTHMA (ACUTE) - Grandmother patient tells of her 10-year-old grandson, who has acute bronchial asthma (constricted bronchial tubes limited breathing to a point of suffocation). Eighteen years ago our office had a receptionist for two years with this condition. With chiropractic care she was able to stay away from hospitals during that time, where normally she had to be hospitalized 2-3 times per year. Knowing this, the grandmother wanted to bring in her grandson, but had to convince the mother that no harm is possible with light force Activator Methods' type of adjustments. After months of delay the mother agreed to have her son's spine checked. Within minutes of finding and adjusting 5 subluxations, especially vertebra T3 (having nerves going to the lungs), the boy stood up, smiled and said, "I am able to take a deep breath again". Next week the entire family, including the mother, came in with her son and wanted their spines checked for subluxations. Conclusion - Taking care of loved ones is what life is about.

  • EAR RING/PAIN - After noticing that chiropractic care relieving low back pain from a work injury, male patient asked if anything could be done about a painful/ringing ear. It appeared that his jaw "popped" a few years ago and has had ringing in his left ear ever since. Examination showed misalignment of his TMJ, which was corrected using the Activator. Ultrasound was used to reduce the tissue joint inflammation. Patient returned two days later happy with the announcement that a miracle had occurred. There was no ringing or pain in his ear! Keeping it stable was the next step. 

  • MIGRAINES - Vomiting, bright light avoidance, and severe headaches are typical symptoms related to migraine headaches in a spine/allergy-neglected patient. Medications only gave temporary relief. Examination of this teenage female patient between vomiting bouts showed an allergic sensitivity to milk and subluxation of the atlas (1stcervical) vertebra of the spine. Once these problems were brought under control, migraine headache dissipated, with occurrences returning only when the patient neglected her specific chiropractic healthcare program.

  • NASAL RESTRICTION - Patient had congested nasal passages and sinuses, unable to breathe normally through the nose. Snoring was becoming a problem too. Examination showed swollen nasal tissue restricting his air passageway. Use of a Gibbons' endonasal technique, involving expanding a rubber balloon through the nasal airway, increased the opening, allowing normal oxygenated air to pass freely, resulting in normal nose breathing. Allergies were also brought under control. Patient was relieved of a lifetime of snoring and mouth-only breathing!

  • OSTEOARTHRITIS - How would you like to be a retired San Francisco 49er lineman weighing in at 410 pounds at 6'6" with an extremely arthritic spine due to all the impacts received or given on the football field? Such was the case for this male patient complaining of acute low back pain. With a little luck, precise adjustments, and ultrasound therapy to reduce the inflammation, we had this patient smiling and walking again. Be advised that there was no cure for this patient. However, keeping his spinal alignment under control with periodic checkups prevented this patient from being disabled.

  • PREGNANCY - Being young and inexperienced with pregnancy opens mothers-to-be to hearing and possibly hearing horror stories of laborious and painful births, resulting in non-natural births and long recovers, not to mention the lasting effects on the new born. Fortunately this young slender first-time mother believed in her chiropractic doctor that natural childbirth can be easy as long as the pelvis is kept balanced and aligned. The results speak for itself. Plus the hospital staff were amazed at how easy her birth was and how alive her baby looked and acted.

  • SCOLIOSIS - Mother noticed her 9-year-old male son had a leg shorter than the other one, causing the spine to abnormally curve to the side (scoliosis). No pain was felt. The previous day her son had fallen. Examination revealed the start of a compensating scoliosis due to a subluxated knee joint, which was corrected with chiropractic adjustments, resulting in the scoliosis disappearing quickly. Another patient, 21 years old, was not so fortunate. It took 5 years of chiropractic adjustments and exercises to correct his scoliosis, just because he did not seek care immediately after noticing his posture (head, shoulders and hips level) was abnormal.

  • TMJ - Walking in with a locked jaw certainly wakes everyone up in the reception room. Female patient had been talking on her phone and yawned, over extending her TMJ, resulting in a locked open jaw. Adjustment was quite simple and painless, with the patient leaving very thankful that she knew this chiropractor.

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